How to Complete Prizerebel Offers Outside of the USA [Windows Users Only]

As you know, Prizerebel offers the most amount of surveys for those in the USA, which means it is easier for them to gain points. Well, if you use a Windows (sorry Mac users) then you can use a nifty little program that will mask your IP adress (this is what Prizerebel uses to check where you live) at the cost of $0. The only annoying thing is that it may be a little slow and there are advertisements…but you can disable when you aren’t using Prizerebel.

The program is called Hotspot Shield, which can be found on

Just install it like you would any other program, and open it. This will cause a web page to open, and once it says ‘Connected,’ it will redirect you to their search page. You are now ready to begin offers on Prizerebel.

Another useful feature of Hotspot Shield is how it protects your privacy, and the ability to turn it on/off so you only have to use it when you want to. If you enjoy the program, then rate it on Cnet and review it. I hope that you enjoy this free software and I hope that you continue to have good luck with Prizerebel.

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Swagbucks…Search to Earn and Redeem Great Prizes!

Everyday you search Google, and you find what you need. But did you know there is a way to win just by searching Google just like you do every single day? The site is called Swagbucks. When you register, you get 30 free points! That means that you are about 30/1000 or 3% of the way of getting $5 straight to your PayPal account! Then, if you go through the offers page, you will get 2 free points. That is 3.2% of the ultimate goal – $5 PayPal.

Now, it seems like it will take a while to win with Swagbucks, but all you need to do is search. Don’t abuse the power of Swagbucks, but instead of using Google to do your searches, use Swagbucks, and you could win from 10-50 points! Not to mention that you can win more than one a day! So instead of using Google, search with Swagbucks and within a month, you should be able to get at least $5 PayPal in your account, but this is only if you don’t do any offers!

You might not think $5/month is that much, but considering that you are getting paid for what you are doing already, it’s actually pretty good, wouldn’t you agree? So if you use Google all the time (like if you are a student) then maybe you should try Swagbucks – and earn just by doing what you do every single day! And, if you feel generous, why don’t you sign up as my referral?

Wait! I’m not done! If you use their toolbar, you are more likely to win prizes, plus, if you shop with Swagbucks (they have a variety of stores, such as iTunes) you get 2 Swagbucks (0.2% of $5.00 PayPal). Although this doesn’t mean much, but if you spend $500 at Swagbucks, you get 1,000 Swagbucks, meaning you get $5.00 in your PayPal – or 1% cash back! Not to mention you can also trade things in to get points too! Finally, who said you have to get PayPal? You can get a variety of items like Amazon gift cards or an iPod! So stop searching for ways to make money and start searching to make money! Enjoy!

Copy and paste the link into your browser to sign up as my referral: (For some reason, WordPress is being weird and won’t let me link, so until they fix the problem, please just copy and paste the link. Thanks guys!)

Lockerz…Technically Not a Scam – But is it Worth the Wait?

If you are a teenager, you have probably heard of Lockerz. Lockerz is a fast way to get prizes like a PS3 by answering a simple question everyday and referring your friends! The only way your allowed to join though, is by being invited by someone, for example, me!

To earn points in Lockerz, you log in daily to get 2 points and answer a question daily to earn another 2 points. That’s 4 points a day – within a month, you can afford an xBox game – that is, assuming you have the luck. After all, once you register, you notice that the prizes are always ‘Coming Soon.’ Also, even if the prizes are in stock, you have to have redemption points to get those prizes in the first place. The redemption events happen once a month, and because there are 6 million members, they tend to last 5 seconds.

If you do choose to join Lockerz, remember that you can invite friends that can earn points for you too! Once you refer 20 friends, you become a Z-Lister – your earnings literally double, and you’ll be able to get any prize you want in no time!

So if you feel lucky and you really want an easy prize, try Lockerz. You only have to spend 5 minutes a day at most to get what you want, that is, if you are lucky. Just leave your email in the comments and I’ll send you an invite!

For more information, visit their homepage and watch the video to learn how easy it is to earn (but how hard it is to redeem prizes.) I also recommend that you read more at this whole blog dedicated to explaining why Lockerz might be classified as a scam. Good luck if you do want to join Lockerz, and leave a comment if you are successful at all!

Prizerebel [USA, Canada, UK and Australia Only]

If you haven’t heard about it already, Prizerebel is a site where you do offers to earn from 0.1 points to 10 points each in order to obtain a prize, for example, xBox Live for a whole month! Unfortunately, those offers take time to complete, and it usually takes from 4-10 offers to receive a prize, and unfortunately, these offers are only available for those living in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Of course, the USA has the most offers, and today, I shall be teaching you how to speed up the process of getting points on Prizerebel.

Note: In Prizerebel, say you are trying to get a $10 Nexon Card, which costs about 9 points. According to their ToS (Terms of Service), you can make a new account as long as you don’t go back to your old account. What this means is that if you have certain offers that work well, you can get enough points to redeem your prize, and repeat the process with a new account!

If you don’t mind, I hope that you do register with my referral link, which doesn’t affect how many points you get at all! It just gives me 20% of what you earn, at no cost to you. Click the banner below to register.

Click on the banner to sign up as a referral under me on Prizerebel.

So now I am going to teach you a few tricks that helped me earn points at Prizerebel!

1) Get Firefox, and install the Greasemonkey addon.

2) Go to this site and install the Just Say NO! script. This will speed up the offers by a lot!

3) Sign up at Prizerebel with a real email adress, but when doing offers, never, ever give out real information!

4) Get Roboform and learn how to use it. Make fake identities using!

5) Now, go to the 1.5 value offers, and use Roboform to fill out any forms and let Greasemonkey do its magic.

6) You should get to the ‘Silver Offers’ page. There, just open two offers and leave them open.

7) Go to the ‘Gold Offers’ page by scrolling to the bottom and clicking ‘Next.’ Open 3 offers, leave them open, and refresh the ‘Gold Offers’ page.

8) You should get a pop-up. Now, close the pop-up and close all the offer pages. You are done!

9) This should credit instantly and works about 40-60% of the time.

Then, just redeem your prize. If you don’t see a prize you want, you can get a custom prize!! I got game codes emailed to me, and they only took 1-2 days to send it to me, which is why I think that Prizerebel has great service!

Good luck, and I hope this guide has helped you tremendously! Remember, if you want to help, just sign up with my referral link so that we can help each other earn more points together!

A Great Community Resource…Earn Money Space

If you are ever looking for a good place to find referrals or exchange sites to click at, or just wondering if a site is a scam or not, then a great resource would be Earn Money Space (EMS). It has a friendly environment where you can make your earnings go through the roof with referral deals, exchanges as well as a place to advertise your blog! Also, you can contact me there on Earn Money Space via a private message (PM). My username there is FatChubaLuba.

If you haven’t registered yet at Earn Money Space, here is a registration link:

So, get to learn about the community there and we hope that by introducing you to that forum, you now have a place to share your information, as well as learn about other people’s experiences with certain websites. Good luck earning!